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Catapult-I™ (Industry)

Catapult-I™ (Industry) for employment in Industry, Entrepreneurship and Professional Pursuits - Employability Skills for Engineering, Science and Management Graduates

almi1In the dynamically evolving job-markets, employers expect the employees to possess a holistic understanding about Organizations’ processes, ways of functioning, and the performance expectations. Management and Engineering educational institutions that prepare the students are not able to foresee the need to train them practically to meet the needs of the industry.

On the other hand most of the candidates who seek job opportunities do not  seek to have clarity in :
  • What job is needed?
  • Difference between a job and a career
  • Does he/she fit a particular job?
  • ‘Outside-in’ approach towards Organizations’ functioning
  • Understanding about different types of jobs & sectors
  • Skills & competencies required to perform a job
  • Long term career objectives
Most often, those who have creative potentials and basic intellectual talents also succumb to family and social pressures  and take up the jobs that come their way and preferably wait only for jobs in the bandwagon sectors.   In the process, they wait for long periods of time without strengthening their holistic career skills. 

Ascent provides a comprehensive capsule programme that prepares fresh engineering, science and management graduates for great careers in their fields of choice. The training also hones up their career building skills and knowledge and make them self-reliant self-starters rather than being run-of-the-mill certificate holders.

This programme also doubles as a career focused foundational induction programme for the new recruits within the organisations providing them perspectives and skills in. 
  • Sectoral Growth opportunities for career building
  • Organisation Management – Functional Roles and Skills  
  • Performance Skills
  • Behavioural Skills
  • Intrapreneurship