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Design And Development of  HR Policy, Systems  and procedures for  Rural Development Staff 

Dept. of RD, GoAP, India

Designing end-to-end HR Policy, Systems, Procedures in the form of a Manual for employing filed staff on contractual basis (over 7500). The policy modules included:

  1. Recruitment Policy and Procedures – including contractual procedures,  
  2. Contracts Management  and Exit Policy
  3. Induction Training Policy and Programme- including Immersion programme
  4. Job Descriptions for 20 positions -
  5. Leave Policy and procedures
  6.  Entitlements during official  Tours Field Visits
  7. Career Advancement ( promotion, Transfer )
  8. Insurance, Reimbursement
  9. Grievance Handling
  10. Training and Development
  11. Performance Evaluation   

This Policy Manual was issued as a government order and being implemented by department of RD, GoAP. The link provides details of the policy implementation. 

Organisational Restructuring

Dept. of RD, GoAP,  India

The project included the components of:  a) Field study at the village, mandal ( Block )  and district level to assess the limitation in the current delivery system. The study established the need for reorganising the roles of the field personnel to provide converged service delivery, integrating the different schemes (NREGS, DPAP, IWDP, SGSY, Housing, and BPL). Based on the findings a reorganized structure was developed. Later the department took up this structure to create permanent cadre posts for the rural development department. The structure included a mix of permanent  and contractual posts     

Creating HR Cells in 23 districts and State Commissionerate 

Dept. of RD, GoAP, India

For institutionalising and diligently implementing the HR Policy, a team of 3-4 staff was constituted as HR cell. (Establishment Section Officer, Asst. Proj. Director (Capacity Building, Establishment Section staff). These cells were constituted in all the districts and the state Commissionerate. An intensive training of six days was given to these staff. Refresher training programs and follow up audits were conducted to ensure that the systems are implemented. Complete design of the programme and the implementation was carried out by ASCENT Consultants.  

Developing HR Information system

Dept. of RD, GoAP, India

ASCENT developed HRIS framework and facilitated the department to develop an employee database. ASCENT also developed a framework for computerising the employee administration. This framework was developed as a software by TCS and incorporated into RDD, GoI programmes implementation.  ASCENT continues to provide assistance in ensuring the system implementation.

A Stock take study of HR Reforms in AP RLP

DFID India

DFID engaged ASCENT Consultants to take a stock take of the implementation of HR reform programmes by APRLP. ASCENT evaluated the functioning, constraints and provided recommendations to Commissionerate, APRLP and DFID on methodologies, systems and capacity building. 

Development of System and Manual for implementing RTI Act. 

Dept. of RD, GoAP

ASCENT was engaged by RDD, GoAP, to develop an operational manual detailing all the schemes and programmes implemented by the department. This is one of the kind manual which describes the procedures and formats to enable the citizens directly approach the concerned officials for availing the scheme. This is a model manual for implementation of RTI by any government agency and empowering the citizen to approach the government departments for availing services.

Developing a Comprehensive Performance Management System 

MP Rural Livelihoods Project 

MPRLP implements rural livelihoods project, in eight tribal districts in MP with the primary aim of helping the target population for Grama Sabha Strengthening, Livelihoods Creation, Social Protection and Gender and Equity Promotion. Project employees staff at the levels of Village, Village Clusters, District and State.    

ASCENT Developed a Performance Management System clearly defining the roles of the personnel and performance criteria.  The components included

  • Performance Planning and Measurement Framework
  • Guidelines for Goal Setting and Performance appraisal – at Cluster, district project mangment unit , state project mangment unit
  • JDs and Performance Metrics  for the positions of Project Facilitation Team Member, coordinator, Nodal officer, Subject Matter Specialists, District Project Officer, and State Coordinator    
  • Performance Diary
  • Ratings Consolidation, Employee Feedback and HR Decisions Processes